How Long Does It Take To Install A Fibreglass Pool?

Fibreglass Pools are easy to install, and although they might be expensive at first they are easier to maintain in the long run. The good thing about these pools is that they can be easily installed and are a hassle-free fixture. They can be installed in 7-10 days and usually don’t require a lot of work once the ball gets rolling. If everything goes smoothly, the fibreglass pools are the easiest to put into place.


Like almost every modern thing, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration before you can start using it. Here is a list of things that you must know about before installing your pool.

1. Time Of The Year

A pool is best enjoyed during the summer when the warm weather is approaching. The pool must be ready in time for the heatwave as it is the best time to sit back and relax in the pool. If you want your pool to be ready for the summer you should start looking into it as soon as possible. The fact that your pool will take some time to be made and installed should be taken into consideration.

After the peak season, the best time to install a pool in the winter. We would advise against installation in fall due to the debris that will easily accumulate in the pool. Summers are usually very hot and dry in Australia. Many pool companies are busy installing new pools and there is a good chance that your pool might get delayed. If you are late for installing a pool we would suggest waiting until winters or next summer.

2. Weather

Except for summer, the demand for pools is not that high. You can always have your pool installed in the offseason to save yourself from the summer rush. Not only will you get a discount but also a thoroughly finished pool that wasn’t rushed. Getting the work started after a heavy downfall would also not be a great idea until you can drain the water away quickly.

3. Council Approval

All pools must have the approval of the Local Council, and failure to do so will lead to problems. You need to plan your pool and then submit a development application. This could also be permit permission for construction work. You will need to submit these for approval. Most of the time the pool builders themselves take care of these things but in the worst-case scenario, they will be able to guide you. The application usually tells about the whole construction process and how safety standards will be met.

Different places have their way of handling things and can take a while before your application is processed. As we have said before summer is the peak of the pool companies. This means that it can take a while before your application is even processed. It is best that you submit the application as soon as possible. This would he,p you counter any delays from the council’s side. You cannot start construction until you have got the approval of the council. In places, with the Home Owner’s Association, this can get tricky very easily.


4. Miscellaneous Factors

When the pool is being installed a lot of external factors will also come into play. Heavy machinery and construction workers are also involved. These all are variables that can lead to delays in the project at any time. Fencers and electricians can significantly delay projects as they are not available most of the time. Also, concreters can be hard to get a hold of in the peak season as they can be busy with other projects. Most contractors have a good unit with them at most times and you should not worry much about this aspect.

5. Location Of Your Property and Pool

People who have good access to the site where the pool will be installed have an easier time. This makes it easier to get in the people and the heavy machinery needed to dig and install a pool. If you have a narrow gateway to your backyard or many rocks underneath it then expect a longer installation time than usual.

How Is It Installed?

They are mostly premade in the factory and you can choose from a variety of designs. Choose a design that will fit well in your backyard and look good too. If you don’t like the standard catalog you can always go for a custom build. After the inspection of ground excavation will start shortly. This is because the pool is premade and it only needs to be put into place in the hole. The pool depth is determined by the depth of the hole in which it is put. The pool shell needs to be laid on a very solid foundation so that it does not shift in the future. The pool is put into its place with the help of a crane.

Some last-minute adjustments are made so that the shell fits the hole perfectly. After this, the timber box is to be made around the whole pool. The gaps are filled with concrete. After this, the pool is filled with water to check the drainage. At last, the pool is ready to be used.

This is why fiberglass pools are now preferred as compare to other forms of pools. Vinyl is cumbersome to deal with and concrete pools may not be the most sanitary ones.

How Long Would A Fiberglass Pool Last?

The good thing about a fiberglass pool is that it is extremely durable and can stand a good amount of use before you need any kind of repairs. You are looking at 20-25 years of usage before you would even need to think about replacing these pools. Most pool builders offer very generous warranties that should be able to cover a lot of your damages. The cost of installing is on the higher side of things but once installed it is virtually maintenance-free.

Make sure you deliberate over all these points before finalizing your decision to install a pool on your property. Ask a friend or someone who already has a pool and budget for any maintenance and extra costs too. As a rule of thumb always follow the saying” You get what you pay for”. This will help you in keeping your expectation reasonable and grounded. Certain delays are to be expected as mentioned above but nothing too serious. Also, be sure to consult your local council for more details. Sometimes such construction is not allowed.

Consider all these details and find a pool that suits your backyard. The best thing is to visualize the pool with the help of imaging software like Photoshop. Not only would you get a good idea to try this, but you might be surprised by what you might find. A good thing to do is check how much rock is there at the site of construction. This would make the loves of the pool company employers very easy. All in all a pool is a big and expensive investment. It will lead to a lot of memories over the years, so it is advisable to get something that will last you a long time.

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